In 2009 I filmed and directed a short documentary about the Azores Bullfinch, a rare and endemic species to the island of São Miguel, as the final project for my MA in Wildlife Documentary Production.

It was an unforgettable experience to spend a month discovering the mountains where these rare birds live and to share the efforts being done to preserve them. The following spring, I was thrilled to present "Priolo" at a film festival held in the beautiful town of Abbeville, Northern France - Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature - and to have a few of my images of the Azores included in Portugal's official video at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

This video is a short teaser and you'll find the full version narrated by me just below. For a sneak peek of all the action going on behind the scenes check the making of video.
São Miguel (Azores): a remote island rich in biodiversity and flourishing with natural wonders. But travelling beyond its seas, outside of its towns, towards the dramatic Eastern slopes, transports you to the realm of a shy and endangered creature - the Priolo.

The rarest songbird in Europe.

São Miguel (Açores): situada no coração do Atlântico, esta ilha é conhecida pela extraordinária diversidade de espécies que habita as suas águas. Mas este paraíso subtropical guarda outros tesouros em terra. Nas encostas montanhosas a Leste, encontramos a última mancha de floresta Laurissilva da ilha: o reino de um animal tímido e ameaçado – o Priolo.

A ave canora mais rara da Europa.
To find out more about the Azores bullfinch and the great conservation work that the Portuguese Society for the Protection of Birds is developing in the island of São Miguel be sure to check this website.

Para mais informação sobre o Priolo e o projecto de conservação da floresta Laurissilva conduzido pela SPEA em São Miguel, visite esta página.

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