Portuguese biologist and filmmaker passionate about nature, storytelling and photography. On this page you'll find some of the projects I worked on during the last six years, including the conservation documentary ‘The Desert Islands’, produced alongside Alexandre Vaz and shown in film festivals around the world; 'Sculpting the Spirits', directed by Noémie Mendelle and Luís Correia, nominated at RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film; and 'Amazon - Reborn from the Ashes', a story on the largest and longest-running ecological experiment up to date, published in National Geographic Portugal and Brazil magazines.
I am now based in Bristol and am currently working as a freelance self-shooting assistant producer. Two of the projects I worked on long-term here include the 5-part series "Dogs: The Untold Story" produced by Plimsoll Productions for Discovery International; and a BBC NHU series coming out early 2018 - watch this space for news!

© Alexandre Vaz

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