"Life in spite of the Aridity" was published in the December issue of National Geographic Portugal.
Alexandre Vaz and I co-authored this six-page article on the biodiversity of Cape Verde's desert islands.
It all started with a thousand photographs and the generosity of one hundred people. After we made our goal, everything, it now seems, rushed by: equipment preparations, traveling arrangements and especially all six weeks of shooting in Cape Verde.
Almost entirely dedicated to capturing footage for our film, both Alexandre and I found ourselves with very little time to take photographs. We were thrilled however when NGM Portugal showed interest in publishing a short story on our journey to the islands with some of the stills we took there. While we don't want to give much away before the film's release, below you'll find a mix of wildlife and landscapes photographed during our first trip in August and September and on my second trip in November, when I returned to capture additional footage that we couldn't get the first time around.
Alexandre at Fogo's summit
At a black sand beach in São Filipe

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