In the small, arid, uninhabited island of Raso lives a unique bird, the Raso lark. Believed to have rapidly disappeared from other islands of the Cape Verde archipelago after settlement, it is today the main concern of a team of scientists committed to preventing its extinction. Their plan is to figure out how to reintroduce the species in Santa Luzia, a nearvy island and former breeding ground. Ours is to join them and document their work.

Alexandre and I have both worked with island endemics before and a few months ago started thinking of how to fund a film about Cape Verde's biodiversity. We decided on a crowdfunding campaign and in May reached our goal, which allowed us to join Biosfera 1 and SPEA in their efforts to restore the ecological balance of these islands.
You can now follow all the project's updates on our facebook page Film Expedition to Cabo Verde.
UPDATE: Trailer and film's website now online!

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